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Automotive Bumper Repair Service


Bumpers take a beating and they are the part that attracts the most impacts and damage. Because taking a beating for your vehicle is the bumpers’ job, many Nissan vehicle owners ignore the fact that their bumpers look like they barely survived a demolition derby. However, most of the Nissan vehicle owners that we talk to can’t ignore bumper damages because they would like their world-class Nissan vehicle investment to be cosmetically sound and stay looking good. Although some drivers are able to ignore minor bumper scratching, major damages, such as large dents, or deep collision gashes, just look terrible and require professional repair service to fix properly.

Bumper Repair & Safety

Automotive bumpers are there for a reason: to absorb an impact instead of the body while distributing force over a larger area to promote maximum safety during a collision. To achieve this goal, your bumpers should have good structural integrity. If your bumper is damaged, it won’t be able to do its job properly if you need it during a collision. The Lang Nissan Collision Center’s San Diego Bumper Repair Service will restore your damaged bumper(s) to factory specifications so that it provides you with maximum safety as you expect in the event of a collision.​

Genuine Bumper Repair Service is Recommended

Lang Nissan Collision Center at Mission Bay has the genuine service protocols, genuine Nissan Certified Technicians, and specialized equipment to get your bumper repair service done right. We are ready to repair any level of bumper damage from small dents to total bumper replacement. Depending on the level of damage, our Nissan Certified Technician will use the perfect repair technique to resolve any bumper damage to restore your vehicle to factory specifications. Gain peace of mind with a San Diego Bumper Repair Service at Lang Nissan Collision Center because we know your vehicle inside and out.

San Diego Bumper Repair

Lang Nissan Collision Center at Mission Bay is conveniently located in the San Diego metropolitan area within driving distance of Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Chula Vista, and La Mesa. If your bumper has damage that needs to be fixed, schedule a San Diego Bumper Repair Service today and let one of our Certified Nissan Technicians take care of the rest.

  • I-CAR Tech

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 98.6% C.S.S.

  • We Work with all Insurance

  • New Remodeled Building

  • 37,000 Sq Ft

  • Secure Storage

  • Certified

  • Locally Owned

  • 5 Day Turnaround Time

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