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Headlight Restoration Resurfacing Repair Service


Your headlights have two fundamental components that work together to illuminate the road when you are driving in adverse conditions. The first component is a headlamp that generates the light that you need to see the road in the dark or to see the road better during adverse weather events like heavy rain or fog. The second component is the plastic hard coat that protects the headlamp so that it can emit light whenever you need to see the road. The hard coat that protects your headlamps will face abrasions, debris impacts, and constant UV exposure that cause the plastic to become hazy. Hazy headlights can become a safety concern if they threaten light integrity and you don’t see the road as you should.

Save Money with Headlight Restoration

You basically have two options for fixing hazy headlights: restoration or replacement. The key benefit of San Diego Headlight Restoration Service is that it can restore your headlights to factory specifications without an expensive replacement. Although some drivers select the more expensive option, another cost-saving option is to schedule a San Diego Headlight Restoration Service at Lang Nissan Collision Center at Mission Bay.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Service is just like it sounds: it will restore your hazy headlights so that all of the light generated by the bulb can pass through the plastic hard coat to illuminate the road to the max. To achieve headlight restoration, a Certified Nissan Technician will use a genuine service protocol, specialized tools, and chemicals to remove the outer hazy layer. The remaining plastic will then be polished to give you a smooth, clear headlight finish that totally restores your headlights to factory specifications. Gain peace of mind with the San Diego Headlight Restoration Service at Lang Nissan Collision Center because you know that we have everything needed to take your old hazy headlights and make them look like they’re brand new.

Schedule a San Diego Headlight Restoration Service

If you have hazy headlights on your Nissan vehicle and want to fix the problem, then Lang Nissan Collision Center offers the perfect solution with our Headlight Restoration Service. We have a team of Certified Nissan Technicians and Knowledgeable Service Advisors ready to take care of your hazy headlight problem. Relax in our comfortable customer lounge and enjoy a snack from our vending machines while we take care of the rest conveniently, efficiently, and at competitive pricing.

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